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Self-Grooming™ Cat Brush

Self-Grooming™ Cat Brush

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Add an extra level to your cat's grooming routine with the Pet Grooming Comb! This convenient and easy-to-use tool is a must-have for any pet parent, thanks to its unique design that fits in even the tightest of corners.

The comb includes soft bristles which distribute natural oils and leave your cats fur feeling silky smooth, plus the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and effortless to use.

With its wide range of sizes available, the Pet Grooming Comb is a great choice for shorthair, Garfield, Rag-doll, Siamese, Fold, and Sphynx owners alike!

And with its durable plastic material, you can rely on this comb lasting through numerous pampering sessions. So don't wait – upgrade your cat's grooming routine with Pet Grooming Comb today!

- Cat self-scratch brush, cat massage brush, self-massage and tidy up hair.
It- Simple to install and easy to fix on the wall corner.
- Durable plastic material can be used for a long time.

- Soft rubber provides gentle massage and combing without scratching hair or skin.
- The humanized design allows you to sprinkle some catnip on your pet brush, which will seduce your furry friends to comb their hair.  

Material: Plastic+mint
Size: 9*13cm
Weight: About 80g
Type: Cats
Colour: Blue/gray

Specification: 9*13cm

Package Content:
1 x self groomer
1 x bag catnip


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Van Weber

I just received but looks good I think in a few days my cat will really like

Selena Renner

Well received. I put a tape on both sides and put it on the corner.

Brennon Okuneva

Cats liked mint very much)))) ran like drug addicts))))))

Mozell Bode

The start is good, but I react to mint

Lori Kovacek

Exactly as described. It includes installation tape and screws so you can choose, also catnip so your kitties take interest right away.